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FT and Heater Car at Bristol, VA

Ed King  
Taken in 1956, Posted on October 9, 2003
The box behind the FT is a heater car, used on passenger trains to provide steam for the train heat or air conditioning when the diesel was a freight unit without steam generating capabilities. There were several of those; they had a diesel generator and steam generator and water and fuel tanks. Some were FT B-units that had lost their prime movers. The one in the photo was built from a 50'6" 50 Ton box car in the early 1960's. It was originally numbered HC-5 and was later 960600. It survives in the TVRM collection in Chattanooga. The "HC" prefix with the number meant heater car.
Diesel Locomotives , FTA

Photo Copyright © 1956 Ed King. All rights reserved.


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