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How to Restore a Caboose

Jeremy Cole acquired Southern caboose X201 from the City of Selma, AL. 


He moved this caboose to the Heart of Dixie Railroad and is working to restore it to road condition.  Jeremy has agreed to keep us updated on his progress.

Update 14:  Final Update: April 18th, 2009

Update 13 Part 1:  Adding the warning labels:  May 31st, 2007

Update 13 Part 2:  Restoring the Solar Panels:  May 31st, 2007

Update 12:  Finishing the Painting:  January 12th, 2007

Update 11: Painting: August 9th, 2006

Update 10:  More Body Prep and Test Run:  July 31st, 2006

Update 9: Preparing for the lettering:  January 18th, 2006

Update 8:  Painting the Yellow Bellies:  June 4th, 2005

Update 7:  Painting the Trucks, and Window Repair:  February 5th, 2005

Update 6: July 8th, 2004

Update 5: Priming the End and Restoring the Windows: March 26, 2004

Update 4: Even More priming and Solar Panels: November 7, 2003

Update 3: More Priming and Testing the Brakes: May 20, 2003

Update 2:  Priming the Roof:  December 20, 2002

Update 1:  Cleaning and Window Repair: September 18, 2002

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