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Restoration Update - September 18th

Well, the X201 restoration project is slow going to say the least. I began the restoration with a good pressure cleaning of the interior and exterior just to get a feel of what I had to work with. Most of the grime that had accumulated on X201 over the past several years was removed in this process. 

What I discovered was that the car body was not in too bad of a condition. The interior was in excellent condition. It had been cleaned and painted by the previous owners.

One of the first things I had to do, just to weatherproof the caboose was to replace the window where the previous owners had installed an air conditioning unit. I removed the aluminum frame and had a piece of Plexiglas cut to fit. Replacing the old weather-stripping was a little tricky but it all went back together smoothly with the help of a little Vaseline. I sealed the corners where the old weather-stripping didn't quite mesh with black silicone. The Plexiglas replacement is only temporary as it will "fog" quickly in the direct sunlight. All the caboose windows will be replaced with FRA glazing or an approved equal (Lexan MR10) later in the restoration.

I removed the Solar Panels from the roof. I am in the process of gathering technical data on the panels and the battery charger. I have a contact person from the old ARCO Solar, Inc., the company that manufactured the solar panel system. I chose to disassemble this system and rebuild it in my shop at home over the coming winter. I had to remove everything from the roof anyway to prep it for paint.



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