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Restoration Update - July 31st, 2006


Project X201 is still dragging on. I'm trying to fight discouragement as I keep finding more body-prep chores that need to be done. I know it will pay off in the end. On May 6, X201 went for a trial run on the end of a Calera and Shelby RR excursion train. I wanted to test the mechanical repairs before moving forward with painting the car, in case there was a problem that required major repairs. As expected, the brake system worked perfectly and the truck repairs seemed to be adequate as the ride was nice and smooth; although I hear from retired conductors that a caboose ride at 15 mph is quite different than at 50+ mph!

I have recently sand-blasted the platforms and steps and re-primed the handrails. The car is ready to receive the top coat now.


I have also begun work on the interior paint job. I had initially planned to leave the inside the light gray color that it was when I obtained ownership. The Old Depot Museum had painted the interior, but had used a gray that was way too light. The paint almost appeared to be white. I wanted something closer to the SR gray. I chose the Rustoleum brand Smoke Gray from Lowe's and decided to go with that. I looked for SR paint codes for caboose interiors but came up blank. I compared the Smoke Gray to the interior of a derelict cab at NS Norris Yard in Birmingham, and it was reasonably close. I have completed about half of the interior painting so far.

Hopefully the next update will include some red paint!



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