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Restoration Update - August 9th, 2006

Finally some definitive progress. X201 is now in the Calera & Shelby RR shop receiving paint. I began by washing the caboose with a liquid detergent and scrubbing mold and grime from the primer. It was amazing how much dirt came off that I hadn’t noticed building up. After the caboose was shopped, I masked all the windows and then masked the yellow belly, since it had been painted previously.

Next, I sprayed all the steps and handrails with the same PPG Alkyd Enamel Yellow that was used on the bay windows. It took two heavy coats to cover the brown primer.


About a week later, I was able to mask the steps and handrails so that I could apply the red.

I inspected the yellow paint on the bay windows after washing the car. I was disappointed in that the tops of the yellow bellies had faded very slightly in just one year of application. Therefore, I began to rethink the type of red paint I wanted to use for caboose body. Again, budget constraints are preventing me from using a professional system like a Dupont Imron or something of that nature. I had hoped to use the original SR color “DuPont Fire Protection Red”, but I have been told by Dupont that this is now simply “Saftey Red”. I contacted a Sherwin Williams Industrial Coatings Rep from the Birmingham area and had him come out and look at the caboose. He recommended a paint that Sherwin Williams currently sells to Norfolk Southern paint shops for their rolling stock. This product is called SherCryl HPA Gloss, an acrylic paint with performance properties similar to a two-part epoxy, or a urethane paint. He also recommended I use a clear coat, Sher-Clear 1K, on top of the red and also on top of the existing yellow that would enhance the UV protection and in turn prevent fading as much as possible. With this combination he estimated 10-12 years, maybe longer with minimal fading. The rep also recommended that I roll the paint, instead of using a sprayer. I have applied one to two coats of red to the entire caboose. I believe one more coat will finish it out. The following picture shows X201 with one coat of red on one side.

I decided to spray the intricate places and roll the flat smooth panels. I sprayed the roof ribs and all the rivets across and along the length of the roof. As you will recall from previous updates, I have already brushed two different primers on these rivets. I swore I would NOT do that again. The next photo shows the brake valves and air tank. I also sprayed the remaining handrails and brake wheel supports, as well as the bay window braces and area under the bay windows.



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