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Restoration Update - May 31st, 2007 Part 1

Well, the project is nearing completion. Since the last update, I have added miscellaneous exterior and interior lettering. I inspected several surviving cabs in storage at NS' Norris Yard in Birmingham and reviewed hundreds of old SR caboose photos, studying the correct font and character height. After gathering the lettering data, I decided to have the miscellaneous exterior lettering created on vinyl decals at a local graphic design shop. (See previous updates for information on the large SOUTHERN and X201 lettering.) I located three font designs on various websites that are almost identical to the original font created by the SR stencil machines. I purchased the closest font in true text format from one of the font websites. I will be happy to provide that information but decided against sharing it here due to copyright issues. The graphic design folks were able to print the correct text based on my measurements and original text height measured from the ragged cabooses at Norris Yard.

The exterior decals include the unique Safety Slogans over the steps and on the inside of the doors. These slogans were repainted/changed frequently as X201 had three different slogans partially visible in layers over the steps. I chose my favorite of the three and went with it. I believe SR painted the same slogan over the steps and on the doors, but I chose to use two different slogans for variety's sake. I decided to have the interior safety slogan made as a stencil with the correct font from a reputable stencil manufacturer's website.

 Other new exterior lettering includes the brake shoe specification and the builder info, both in the correct size and font.


Interior stenciling includes various 1" stencils and " stencils. I used the 1" stencil machine at the Heart of Dixie Museum for the 1" stencils. In keeping with my goal of being as authentic as possible, I had to locate a " stencil machine for the remaining interior stencils. I would like to thank the Tennessee Valley RR Museum shops in Chattanooga for letting me borrow their " stencil machine for a couple of hours to complete the lettering portion of the project.



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