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Restoration Update - December, 20th

Work is progressing slowly on X201 due to all the rain we've been having. I have been concentrating on the roof, since it was the main part of the caboose needing immediate attention. As you can tell in the photo, the original paint had worn away and the entire roof was nothing but surface rust. I felt I should secure the roof for the coming winter. 

I coated the roof with a rust converter called OSPHO. It changes the iron oxide into an iron phosphate and supposedly ends the rusting process. Then, to be on the safe side, I coated the roof with a Rust Penetrating Primer from ICI (Glidden/Devoe) Paints. I rolled the flat surfaces and painted all of the ribs and rivets with a brush to be sure I got a good thick coat on them. You don't realize the number of rivets in a steel bodied caboose until you try to paint them all with a brush! I believe the roof should hold up fine until summer when I plan on applying the Safety Red topcoat. 

As described in a previous update, I replaced another window in the caboose. The existing one was leaking and a soft wet spot was detected in the wooden flooring along with some rust stains appearing on the inside wall below the window. So, I figured I had better nip that problem in the bud quickly.


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