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Restoration Update - November 7th

The progress of X201's restoration continues to be slow.  In what little free time I've had over the past few months, I have been priming the exterior of the caboose, preparing it for a fresh coat of paint, hopefully in the Spring of '04.  In the last update, the photos showed the spot priming on some of the lightly rusted parts of the body.  After the spot priming, I decided to get one good thick coat on the entire body.  The photo below shows where I am so far.  


I have also primed the handrails and brake wheel supports at each end of the caboose.  I have not gotten to the grabirons or steps yet.


I removed and cleaned the solar panels from the roof.  After some extensive research, I found a contact at Hutton Solar who was involved in installing the solar energy systems to the SR cabs back in 1979.  He sent me some specific information and technical data on the charging system.  The panels were rated at 20.5 volts when they were new.  I tested X201's solar panels with a voltmeter after cleaning them.  One panel put out 18 volts and the other put out 13 volts.  According to Hutton Solar, these numbers are acceptable and should be sufficient to charge the batteries for the marker lights.




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