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Restoration Update - July 8, 2004

Since the last update, the X201 has had a complete mechanical overhaul - brakes and trucks. 

The truck was then temporarily reassembled because the date with the crane was fast approaching. Using the services of Steel City Cranes, I made the swap on May 12. As you can tell in the photo, X201 looked rather different with her new wheels! 

Due to the different suspension design, X201 now sits about 2" closer to the rails. After making the swap, X201 was raised with jacks and placed on cribbing in order to rebuild the other set of trucks. I am currently in the process of repairing the stress cracks in the other truck. In the meantime, a local shop is fabricating new shims for the swing hanger pins in both trucks. As soon as the shims are finished and the cracks are repaired, this truck will go back under X201. I will have to make one final raise to install the swing hanger shims in the first truck, add fresh brake shoes, and replace the center pin with a new one. Then X201 will be ready for service, at least from a mechanical standpoint.

In a particular note of interest, an examination of the roller trucks from X458 proved that one of the trucks had seen service under at least two different cars. I found stencils on the bolster reading X458. Under the X458 stencil, a second stencil reading X604 can be detected. What happened to caboose X604? Was it scrapped, was it wrecked? I plan to re-stencil both trucks to read X201 since they have found a new home.


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