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Restoration Update - February 5th, 2005

Since the last update, X201 has seen steady progress, but no drastic changes or improvements. Just more of the same....priming, replacing windows, etc.  

I sprayed the trucks and wheels with the OSPHO rust converter mentioned in a previous update.  I did this to stabilize the serious surface rust on the truck side frames.  This left the wheels and side frames a white color.   As seen in the photo, I have begun spraying the trucks with cheap flat black paint.  I am not concerned about the looks of the trucks.  I'm sure they will accumulate dirt, grime, and some light oxidation soon anyway due to normal wear and tear when the caboose is returned to operation. 

Also pictured is another window replacement.  I am having pretty good luck with the plexiglass. The first piece was installed over 2 and a half years ago and surprisingly has no sign of "fog". So, I have been using the same Acrylic Plexiglass from the same company on the rest of the windows.  

Notice the beginnings of some serious rust underneath the window frame.  I grinded and sanded this rust and applied the standard primer and one quick spray of the topcoat before reinstalling the window.  

I have begun to apply a coat of brown primer on the roof, over the white rust inhibitor primer. Since the roof is highly exposed to the elements, I don't think you I can have too many coats on it.  Also, I believe the red will match better if the entire car has the same color primer.  I have priced the paint for the topcoat.  It looks like I will be able to purchase Dupont Imron "Fire Protection Red" and "Safety Yellow" for just under $50.00 per gallon.  Those are the colors specified for the caboose on the original shop drawings from the Southern Railway. Hopefully, the next update will feature some "Fire Protection Red" being applied!


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