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Restoration Update - January 18th, 2006

Things are slowly coming together for X201. All of the original markings have been sanded and ready to be primed for the red paint. I recently used a heat gun and a razor blade to remove the ACI labels, Consolidated Stencils, and Wheel Inspection decals. The remaining glue was sanded away with a D/A sander.


I then used the D/A sander to smooth out the painted "SOUTHERN" letters and "X201" numbers. The paint used for the letters and numbers was more of a paint-coated "tape" than just brushed or sprayed on paint. I wanted to have this area as slick and smooth as possible since I plan to use vinyl decals for the new letters and numbers. I used a grinder to smooth the welds between the body panels in the location where the numbers and letters will be applied.


As for the vinyl decals, I had Reidler Decal in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania produce the correct lettering on quality 3M decal paper. Reidler is a company that produces logos and lettering in vinyl for freight cars and other uses in the railroad industry. I measured the details of the individual letters and numbers on the caboose and drew them in an AutoCAD file. I them emailed the CAD files to Reidler who produced the final product. I am very pleased with the quality and appearance of the decals. I will post more comments about the decals after they are applied.

Next step is to sandblast and prime the platforms and steps.....




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